Language and Literacy Coaching in English and Spanish
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About Me

This year will mark my 26th year of experience in
Education. During these years I have worked
with people of all ages, from infants to
grandmothers.  The settings have been formal
and informal, public and private schools, and the
United States and Mexico.  I have been in charge
of a classroom, performed administrative work,
and interpreted for social service agencies.   If
there is any way I can help you, please email me
using the form provided.  (Telephone is optional).

My idea is that we would work together primarily
online, but if your, or your school's, needs are
better met in-person, we can arrange that too. I
generally limit in-person classes and/or
consulting on a regular basis to the areas of
Hardin, Hancock, Marion, and Wyandot Counties
in Ohio, USA.  However, I'm willing to do o
tutoring or
consulting no matter where you are!  
Marie  A.  Kin Rentería

  • M.A. Teaching English to Speakers of Other
    Languages. (Universidad de las Améicas--Puebla)
  • B.S. Home Economics.  Family Relations & Human
    Development--Child Development (The Ohio State
  • ELL Coordinator / Bilingual Tutor, Upper Sandusky
    E.V. Schools
  • Community Faculty Member.  Conversational
    Spanish for Criminal Justice (Marion Technical College)
  • Private Instructor for courses and workshops
  • Native English Speaker.  Spanish as a Second
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